This is a list of characters that will be appearing in the series.  The staff is listed in order of importance while contestants are listed by season and by alphabetic order.



Pawniard is the stab-happy host of the series.  He has a sick mindset and does not care at all for the safety of the competitors.  He also does not think ahead of time.  At all.  The contestants are screwed.  Voiced by: pokemonsdarkking.


The co-host, Lucario is the only SANE member of the staff.  He is also a guidance counselor.  Unlike Pawniard, he shows genuine concern for the well-being of the contestants.  Voiced by: PostWorldingisWe.



Eighteen year old Absol, known for being a lone wolf, is one of the members of the RED Devils.  He is known for his rash behavior.  Absol can be rude, but he is also a nice guy if you get to know him.  Growing up in Sunderland in Tyne and Wear of the United Kingdom, he had very few friends.  But the ones he has he treasures greatly.  His is one of the main characters of season one.  Voiced by: pokemonsdarkking.


The show's seventeen year old resident Redneck is all the way from Texas.  That is all you need to know, other than he is a member of the RED Devils.  Voiced by: Killerhawk499.


This guys REALLY believes that he is a pirate.  Chatot was chosen to be on the BLU Angels.  However, he has a rivalry with Sneasel, who is a "ninja" and is on the same team. Chatot is 16 years of age and is from Penzance in Cornwall.  Here at Subsisting life we dont condone Piracy Voiced by: Calistus Jay.


The BLU Angels' video game nerd.  He tries to get as much time as he can on the TV so he can play his Halo and TF2.  Because of this, he is in conflict with Sawk, who is obsessed with Sports Center.  And people do NOT get any sleep from their bickering.


Delcatty is on the BLU Angels.  However, she is often a psycho because she LOVES fashion and is oblivious to almost everything else.


The Ghost type Gengar loves girls.  He loves to stalk them.  However, he often narrates his "findings."  This results in him getting beaten up by the girls.  He may be the most disposable member of the RED Devils.


The bossy Illumise sees herself as the only sane member of the BLU Angels.  She tries to make herself the team leader.  However, her obsessiveness for her work schedule annoys the heck out of people. She has time for people only on Mondays 8pm-8.30pm.


Our timid bookworm for a competitor is on the RED Devils.  She is very shy and not outgoing, resulting in her not partitaking in many competitions.  She and Absol are good friends, but she may be in love with him as well...  She is one of the main protagonists of the first season.


The resident blackmailer of RED Devils, Liepard plays her game by bribing other contestants.  Since many fear her, she is quite possibly one of the most dangerous contestants.


Lopunny is one major b- I mean, witch.  She is the real leader behind BLU Angels.  Why?  I honestly don't know.  Regardless, she has earned her spot as the season one's secondary antagonist.


Machoke is a member of RED Devils and is very popular among his male contestants.  However, he is a jerk willing to cheat his way through the competition because he possesses no true talent.  As such, he is hated by the female contestants.  Due to his unruly behavior and lack of conscience, he serves as the chief villain of season one. So don't mess with this guy and you will be fine.


The sports fanatic of the RED Devils, Sawk is in a fierce rivalry with Croagunk, who hogs the TV that Sawk believes is rightfully his.  How else is he going to watch his sports shows?  His fights with Croagunk cause the cast to be sleep deprived.  Voiced by: PostWorldingisWe


The ninja wannabe of the BLU Angels.  He is in a bitter rivalry with his teammate Chatot. We can't say much more because he is a NINJA.


Sylveon is the leadership figure for the RED Devils.  She is a very kind girl, but can also be a bit too tough.  However only to people she really likes, because she wants them to become better people.  Sylveon is one of the main characters of season one, alongside Absol and Kirlia.  She was originally from Sunderland, but she eventually moved to another location.


Surprisingly, Togepi is an apathetic goth.  She is also a drug addict, go figure. She is BLU Angel, and her team is annoyed with her.


She is a chatterbox who will NOT shut up!  She's pretty much a hill valley girl as well.  It's REALLY annoying.  Well, at least her team members on the BLU Angels agree with me. Shealsotalksasonebigwordandnooneunderstandsher.

Minor CharactersEdit

These characters are not contestants, but appear in the show anyhow.  In other words, pointless cameos.  Go figure..

Doctor CelebiEdit

This Celebi has a British accent, drinks tea, loves bow ties, and travels via blue Telephone Booth.  Yep, he's pretty much the Doctor.


This prehistoric Pokemon was resurrected by an experiment by the laboratory staff.  Genesect possesses Dalek-like qualities, including the tendency to shout "EXTREMINATE."  Yep, he's unoriginal.  Voiced by: PostWorldingisWe.

Dialga and PalkiaEdit

Dialga is the Pokemon that is pretty much the god of time, while Palkia is the god of space.  These two do not get along.  In fact, the two try to prove they're the best by challenging each other to children's card games.

The Juice Taste LeagueEdit

This is a league of superheroes dedicated to protecting food.  There members include False-Positivity Guy, Fatman; Defend of Got-Ham City, the Heroic Frostbite, the Bad Unpreventable Leader, and Dancing Ostrich Man.  Yep, the world of food is screwed.

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